The cool thing about a swimming pool is they all work in the same manner. No matter the size, shape, or added features, they all use a combination of filtration and chemical treatment to consistently keep the water clean and healthy.

There are two different types of pools, above ground and inground. Aboveground pools are the cheapest construction option and the easiest to construct as well. They are typically made from prefabricated kits and are easily installed by a pool professional. On the other hand, in-ground pools are made from gunite, concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner. While the design of these pools is different, they all rely on the same basic plumbing and filtering system.

In order make and maintain swimming pool perfectly SK Engineering and Automation provides following types of SWIMMING POOL SYSTEM paneles


  • Rain curtain control panel
  • Jacuzzi pump control Panel
  • Filtration pump control Panel
  • Water Fountain control Panel
  • Dancing Jet Control Panel

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